Chipembi Girls Secondary School is one of the oldest girls' secondary schools in Zambia and it is run by the United Church of Zambia. The school was opened in 1926 and was the first girls' boarding school in Zambia that showed interest in promoting child education for girls including literacy and life-long skills. To date many prominent women holding high positions in society are the fruits of Chipembi Girls' Secondary School. Notable among these are: Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda, Deputy Chief Justice Florence Mumba, Prof. Elwyn Chomba, Dr. Shimwayi Muntemba, Dr Mutumba Bull, Gwendoline Koni, Lilly Monze to mention but a few.

Our school mission statement states:


“We are a UCZ Mission School working to impart academic and extra-curricula knowledge and skills using improved learning and teaching methods and aids for the development of a holistic girl-child in order to contribute to high value human capital in Zambia, the sub-region and the world at large."

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